jn82’s Epic Adventure

The plan

Posted in Uncategorized by jn82 on January 3, 2009

So this is the plan. Singapore to London via Bangkok on the 29th of January , spend some time with friends and family in London till the 8th of February, then hop on the train to Edinburgh for a few days, then back to London and fly off to Porto around the 11th of February. This will be the start of the three month long rail journey across most of Western Europe and some of Eastern Europe utilising a rail pass. Hope to hit St. Petersburg around 10th May, then on to Moscow on 12th May, followed by the legendary Trans-Siberian railway on the 15th (or Trans-Mongolian in this case) to Irkutsk, Ulan Bator and finally Beijing around the 28th of May. On to Pyongyang for a week, then back to Beijing and on to Shanghai, the final destination, before flying back to Singapore.

A bit more about myself. I am a recent university graduate currently taking a six month long vacation before starting work in finance. Travel has always been a passion of mine, and not until a June ’08 trip with some friends to Tokyo did I actually tell myself that I wanted to spend some time traveling after graduation. Spent a few weeks planning this “epic” trip in August ’08, and decided to do a trial run trip in around Australia’s Northern Terriroty in Nov-Dec ’08. The trip went very well, and was a mixture of plane, train and driving to and from Melbourne (where I was based). More about the trip if I ever get around to blogging about it. One lesson learnt from that trip is that if you do not write about stuff on the day (or day after) you do it, you probably will not get around to doing it once you have two weeks worth of stuff to write about.

This blog will just be an attempt for myself to keep track of my travels from February ’09 and beyond, and for friends and family to check in once in a while to know what I am up to.


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