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Day 2 [31 Jan 09] – London

Posted in London by jn82 on February 1, 2009

All the lines which go into and out of Farringdon today were not in operation due to ongoing construction of the London underground system, so I had to take a slightly longer 10 minute walk to Angel to hop onto the tube. Met W around 12 noon and headed off to the Borough Market.

Borough Market.

Borough Market

The market is a pretty interesting place with a lot of fresh produce, cooked food, cheese, dead animals and warmed alcohol, a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Had a pub lunch before walking through the market proper, and consumed interesting “winter” alcoholic beverages such as hot mulled wine and hot cider.

Big fish.

Big fish

Expensive truffles.


Dead animals.

Dead animals

Scallops, 3 for £4.50.


After the market, W and I headed back to Angel for an alcoholic beverage and to escape the near zero degree celcius cold, following which we met R and had coffee and cake at Ottolenghi.

Cake area at Ottolenghi.


Had dinner with W at this nice place at Bank called Coq d’Argent, which served a very reasonably priced three course meal for £19 only through a promotion with toptable.

Link to the full gallery of the day’s pictures available here.

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  1. Justin said, on February 1, 2009 at 7:59 am

    lao human,

    Glad to read that you had a safe trip and are enjoying yourself in London. Its a great city so im sure you will have a great time. Looking forward to more updates and like lao R, will be living vicariously thru yr blog while I continue to slog through these tough times…

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