jn82’s Epic Adventure

Day 3 [1 Feb 09] – London

Posted in London by jn82 on February 2, 2009

Initially decided to go to Notting Hill today with W, but only found out in the morning that Portebello Road market was closed on Sundays. While watching the men’s singles open final of the 2009 Australian Open,  decided to head to Spitalfields market instead.

First stop was Canteen for lunch. Pretty nice place and was jam packed with people. Decided to be a Brit and have the Sunday roast (was duck leg today).



Sunday roast, carrot and ginger coup, eggs and bacon, coffees.

Sunday roast

The market itself was pretty interesting as the stuff they sold was very unique, though everything was a bit expensive. The shopkeepers were very anal about not taking photographs because they were scared that I would go to China and make a copy of their items and sell it for a fraction of the price (one shopkeeper actually said this to me).



Random shop.

Random shop

After we were done with the market, W and I headed down to Brick Lane where there was other stuff to have a look at. Things here were slightly messier than at Spitalfields market, but there was a more character in this area.

Party central.

Bangala City

Fancy sausage in a bap.


And after a while, it began to snow…

First of many snow pictures.


After the day out, went back to have dinner with R and A, but not before three pulsating frames of Wii bowling. The snow caused the underground line between Kings Cross and Wimbledon to be suspended, so I had to take a bus to Waterloo and then get on the over ground to Wimbledon rail station. Was an interesting experience sitting opposite a totally drunk middle aged guy who kept cussing, and having a couple of people making speeches on the train and then asking for money. Upon reaching Wimbledon, met K in the heavy snow fall and walked about 20 minutes back to his place. Will be here for the next four nights.

Link to all of today’s pictures available here.


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