jn82’s Epic Adventure

Day 7 [5 Feb 09] – London

Posted in London by jn82 on February 6, 2009

No update yesterday because I stayed in most of the day to do some planning for the rest of the trip. Travel mate came in today, and we moved into the hostel (Palmers Lodge at Swiss Cottage, pictures tomorrow). Weather was very bad today, so the decision was to leave the more touristy stuff to Friday and Saturday and hope for better weather.

Took C’s msn ramble to catch Avenue Q (or quote any other play and not waste my time), and headed to Leicester Square to get tickets in the morning for the evening show. Pretty cheap, £20 for upper circle.

Avenue Q poster in Leicester Square.




On the tube from Leicester Square to Camden Town.


After getting the tickets, and in light of the bad weather, we headed to Camden markets, which is a collection of many markets selling mainly vintage, tourist stuff, crafts and clothes. Most of the items here did not appeal to me, but I guess it is the tourist thing to do, so might as well have a look.

Camden Lock sign.

Camden Lock Sign

Inside Camden Lock market.


Inside the markets there was this one market which was a former horse stable which I found pretty interesting. Each individual stall was inside an actual former horse pen!

Horse tunnel market.

Horse market

Horse pen stalls (closed).

Horse Pen

Gay horse.

Gay horse

Another market outside (pretty crappy one).

Camden Mkt

Hmmm……World's end

After the markets, we headed to the Museum of London. A significant portion of it was under renovation, but there were still exhibits to see. The exhibits were mainly about the history of the city of London, and covered exhibits such as London in the dark ages, Roman times, medivial period and the great fire of London.

Slightly gross.


London marathon trophy.

Marathon trophy

Seems pencils help too.


Went back to the hostel after the museum to check in and take a quick rest. Walked around Oxford Street before dinner for a bit to kill some time, then had dinner at a pub.

Oxford Street .

Oxford Street Sign

Taxis .


Roasted chicken, ham and leek pie for dinner.


After dinner, took a short walk to the theatre for the 8.00pm Avenue Q musical.

Ticket and a pint of cider.


Outside the Noël Coward theare.

Outside the theatre

Inside the Noël Coward theatre.

Inside Noël Coward

Link to full gallery of today’s pictures are available here.


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