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Day 8 [6 Feb 09] – London

Posted in London by jn82 on February 7, 2009

The weather today was as bad as yesterday. It snowed slightly overnight, and continued to rain a bit in the day. We decided to head to the Tower of London first, and see if we had the time to visit any other sight after.

The outer walls of The Tower of London.

Outer walls



St John’s Chapel, burial ground for over >1,500 below the chapel floor.


The iconic White Tower.

The White Tower

The Tower is most famous for housing the crown jewels (which also includes the largest cut diamond in the known world, Cullian I a.k.a. The Great Star of Africa @ 545.67 carats!!), as well as a place of imprisonment and execution both commoners, religious men and royals alike. Apologies for poor pictures of the crown jewels as these were shot stealthily from waist level.

St. Edward’s Crown, used only during the coronation ceremony.

St. Edward's Crown

The Soverign’s Orb and The Scpetre with the Cross (can you spot Cullinan I?).

sceptre and orb

The Imperial State Crown (with Cullinan II 317.4 carat diamond).

Imperial State Crown

Waterloo Barracks, house of the crown jewels.

Waterloo Barracks

After the tower, we headed to Tower Bridge nearby. No time for a detailed description here. Just worthy to point out that this is not London Bridge.

View of Tower Bridge from The Tower of London.

Tower Bridge

Base of the support pillars.

Tower Bridge 1

Needless to say, once above on the raised walkway 42m above ground, you can get some pretty good views of the city.

The Gherkin.View 1

Canary Wharf in a distance.

View 2

City Hall, London Eye, HMS Belfast and St. Pauls Cathedral (real London Bridge is just behind the HMS Belfast).

View 3

Engine room.

Engine room

We ended the day at the British Museum. Initially wanted to do Westminster Abbey but because we stayed too long at the tower, we had to reschedule this visit. The British Museum was the only place open till 8.30pm, so it was a good place to hang out after 5pm when we finished at Tower Bridge.

Token Egyptian exhibit.


Token Asyrrian exhibit.


Aphrodite, Goddess of Love.


Easter Island Man.


Link to today’s full gallery of pictures available here.


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