jn82’s Epic Adventure

Day 9 [7 Feb 09] – London

Posted in London by jn82 on February 7, 2009

Today, we started the day off with the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace at 11.30am. I will dispense with a boring description, and instead depict the ending march off after the change had occured as follows:

1. Buckingham Palace. Grand and historical. The band has finished playing and the relieved guard prepares to march off. But wait, what is that in the bottom left corner?


2. The band marches off, but it looks as if they are heading straight into something nasty.

Military band

3. The platoon commander is right behind as well.

Platoon commander

4. Now it looks as if the guards are headed straight for it too.


5. Oh dear… straight through it. Guards2

6.  Moral of the story: In life, shit happens and you cannot avoid it.


Fancy red coats.

Red coats

Token tourist shot.

Buckingham Palace

After the palace, had lunch at Pret and then went off to Notting Hill for Portobello Market. On Saturdays, there are hundreds of street stalls and the regular shops selling antiques, souveniers, tons of weird stuff, fresh food and vegetable and cooked food. This was really the largest market I have visited to far in London, although I think the selection of food at Borough Market was better. I guess if you like antiques or weird stuff in general, here is the place to be.


portobello road



Too many people.

Too many people

Telescopes anyone?


Timely reminder.

Wise words

My favourite meal.

Humble pie

Following the market, we had a bit of time to kill before dinner, so dropped by Westminster to take a few pictures of Big Ben and have a look around. We will be back here on 13th Feb to visit Westminster Abbey and Parliment.

London Eye, the fake Singapore Flyer…..not!

London Eye

Big Ben.

Big Ben

Link to full gallery of today’s pictures available here.


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