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Day 11 [9 Feb 09] – Edinburgh

Posted in Edinburgh by jn82 on February 10, 2009

Today we took at four and a half hour long train ride from King Cross St. Pancreas to Edinburgh’s Waverley Station. The trip itself was pretty smooth, and the National Express trains have power sockets and free WiFi onboard (albeit pretty slow when many people log on simultaniously).

Upon arrival in Edinburgh.


Could not check into the hostel until 2pm, so went for lunch and decided to do some power sightseeing of Edinburgh Castle after because we would only be in the city for less than two days in total. The castle was located smack beside the hostel and just a few minutes from the train station, so it was all very accessable.

Token tourist shot outside the castle entrance.


There are also amazing views of the city from all sides of the castle, an advantage due to the castle’s central location in the city.

Views from the castle entrance.




The castle was filled with amazing history, mostly surrounded many wars and attacks on the castle and its residents. Also inside were the Honours of Scotland, the Scottish rown Jewels. No photography allowed here, and I was also unable to sneak a picture. The Honours of Scotland are not as impressive as the English Crown Jewels (no huge diamonds here), but they are older and have a similarly long history.

Can’t remember what this was called.


View of Authur’s Seat.

Authur's Seat

The castle also houses what is believed to be the oldest building in Scotland, St. Margaret’s Chapel.

Exterior of St. Margaret’s Chapel.

St Margaret's Chapel (Outside)

Interior of the chapel.

St Margaret's Chapel Interior

Updates for the next one or two days might be a bit slow because I do not have a good internet connection in Edinburgh.

Link to full gallery of today’s pictures available here.


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