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Day 14 [12 Feb 09] – Dublin

Posted in Dublin by jn82 on February 12, 2009

Today marks two weeks since I have left Singapore. Having a pretty good time so far, and not sick of eating out every meal yet.

We went with neweuropetour’s free New Dublin walking tour this morning (same company which did the Edinburgh one we went on two days ago). Today’s guide Rob started with an informative brief history of the Republic of Ireland from the B.C. period to modern day. The walking tour itself lasted three h0urs and we saw most of the tourist sights as well as historical sites within the city centre. The explanations about each site and historical information provided by Rob was very good and detailed, and we managed to learn quite a bit about Ireland in just three hours.

The only structure left of the original Dublin Castle.

Dublin castle

Coach House, Dublin Castle.

Coach House

Blueprints of a Viking’s house (stone outlines).


The Dublin Spire, a 120m high pin-like monument in the heart of the city.


The rest of the day after lunch was spent at Dublinia, a few exhibitions which explores the life of medieval city and the world of the Vikings. It was not as interesting as I expected, but we got a combined ticket for entry with yesterday’s Christ Church Cathedral entry ticket.

Not very pleased with Dublin.


Had a pretty short day today and an early dinner, because I wanted to do some planning for the rest of the trip as well as have a rest given the early morning flight back to London tomorrow.

Link to full gallery of today’s pictures available here.

*Edit at 10.30pm: at 8.30pm tonight, British Airways (BA) decided to cancel our 8.50am flight (arrival 10+am) to London from Dublin tomorrow morning, when both Irish and English BA phone hotlines close at 8.00pm!! We cannot rebook our tickets online and have to wait till 6.00am tomorrow to call the phone hotline to try and rebook to the later flight. Even getting a refund and making up the difference will leave us at least €100 out of pocket as that is what the cheapest last minute tickets by other carriers are going for. Guess it will be a wasted day as the earliest other BA flight only gets into London at 1.35pm. Would have expected this from a budget carrier, but not from a full service one such as BA. Guess that in such a economic climate, last minute cancellations for low passenger flights is an option the airline is willing to take, even though this experience has made me decide not to fly BA again.

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