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Day 15 [13 Feb 09] – Dublin to London

Posted in Dublin, London by jn82 on February 14, 2009

Woke up at 5.30am this morning to call the BA ticket hotline, and asked for a refund instead of taking a much later flight into London. Since last minute ticket options with other carriers was out of the question due to cost, I decided to take the sail+rail option which I initially was considering when deciding how to get back to London from Dublin. The sail+rail is a combined ticket for both a ferry and a train ticket, and in this case it would bring us from Dublin Port to Holyhead (North Wales) via Irish Ferries, and then from Holyhead to London on Virgin Trains, with a total trip duration of around nine hours. While this might seem very long compared to the flight option which is only over an hour, it does save a lot of time traveling to and from airports, as well as the costs involved with these transfers, given that most train stations are located near city centres while airports are pretty far away.



The ferry we went on is called Ulysses, and the trip duration was from 8.05am – 11.40am when we arrived in Holyhead. It was a pretty smooth ride, with a slight fog along the way. I spent most of it planning the remainder of the trip, and managed to finish a tentative schedule till we reach St. Petersburg in mid-May (when the three month rail pass runs out).

On the observation deck leaving Dublin Port.

Deck 11

On the plebian deck.
Inside cabin


Ulysses unloading vehicles at Holyhead Port.


After a two hour and a bit stopover in which we managed to grab quite a bit of lunch, it was time to catch the 1.58pm VT4770 from Holyhead – London Euston. No internet on this train unfortunately, however unlike the London – Edinburgh train, this one was pretty empty and I managed to get two seats to myself, good for a three hour and fourty minute ride. The windows in coach were very dirty and I could not enjoy the view out them.

VT4770 on Platform 1 at Holyhead.

Holyhead Platform 1

My “workspace” on the train, coach C seats 47 and 48, facing backwards as the train moves.


Coach seats beside mine (same configuration).

Coach seats

Upon arrival in London just before 6pm, we scurried to Leicester Square with our full load backpacks to try and get tickets for either later evening shows for Chicago, Taming of the Shrew or Oliver. Going to one of the “discount ticket” outlets, we ended up paying £36.50 for upper circle tickets for Chicago with a face value of only £30.00 (probably because these two tickets were part of the last three available seats for the show, or for the ticket seller’s allocation for the show). Pretty expensive and not discounted, yes, but it was Friday night afterall and much cheaper what we would pay to watch in Singapore. How often are you in London’s West End anyway right?

After getting tickets for the 8.30pm show, we flew back to the hostel to check in, dump out bags and have dinner, before heading back to Leicester Square to catch Chicago!

Discount of -£6.50.

Chicago ticket

Cambridge Theatre, Earlham St.

Cambridge theatre

Made it to the 8.30pm show with enough time for pictures!


Link to full gallery of today’s pictures available here.


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