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Day 16 [14 Feb 09] – London

Posted in London by jn82 on February 14, 2009

Had a pretty easy day today, only going to Westminster Abbey in the morning. 90% of the Jubilee underground was out of service, so we had to catch a bus to Victoria station, and then jump on the tube from there. I think if I were to move to London and had a fixed schedule of going to say Place X every Saturday or Sunday, due to all the ongoing underground engineering works every weekend I would be taking a new route to Place X every weekend.

Anyway, Westminster Abbey is where tons of British royals and important people are buried, as well as where each new British monarch has had their coronation at since the 11th century. Unfortunately, photography is again not allowed inside.

St.Margaret’s Church.

St Margret's Cathedral

Houses of Parliament.


Front of Westminster Abbey.


Rear of Westminster Abbey (with me of course).


London Eye and Big Ben.

Eye and Ben

Spent around three hours in Westminster Abbey, then headed to Tottenham Court Road for lunch and to check out some electronics. Short day today with lots of rest to prepare for the beginning of the rest of our trip tomorrow! 1pm flight tomorrow from London (Gatwick) to Porto via TAP.

Link to the full gallery of today’s pictures are available here.

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