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Day 19 [17 Feb 09] – Porto

Posted in Porto by jn82 on February 17, 2009

Today, we decided to tour the city of Porto on a sightseeing bus ride. There were a couple of options for this, all costing €10, so we just went with the one by the Porto public operator STCP. This was the better option in our opinion because it covered more ground that the more well known “hop-on-hop-off” bus tour.

The first route we went on was the “Historical Porto” route, supposedly showing off the historical centre of Porto.

Torre dos Clérigos, where we visited yesterday.

Torre dos Clérigos

Igreja do Carmo.

Igreja do Carmo

Casa da Música.

Casa da Música

This was a very interesting route as it brought us past nice houses, many designed in Art déco and Art Nouveau styling as they were built during those periods. Upon reaching the coast with the Atlantic ocean, we got off the bus and decided to walk around Farol Sra. da Luz (lighthouse).

With the Farol Sra. da Luz and the Atlantic ocean in the background.


After walking around a bit more, we went for a quick lunch before hopping on another bus line, this time the “Porto Castles” route, which brings you to three castles which were part of Portugal’s coastal defences for centuries.

Forte São João Baptista.

Forte São João Baptista

Forte de Leça.

Forte de Leça

Castelo do Queijo.

Castelo do Queijo

Besides the castles, there were also other sights along the way.

Farol da Boa Nova.

Farol da Boa Nova

Igreja do Senhor do Bom Jesus.

Igreja do Senhor do Bom Jesus

“She Changes”, by Janet Echelman.

She Changes

The final bus route we took was the “Porto Bridges” route, which brought us around to see a few of Porto’s bridges. This was the least interesting of the bus routes, but maybe because we were a bit tired by then.  In between the bridges tour, we stopped off at Estádio do Dragão, home of the mighty FC Porto. As my luck is with visiting football clubs, there was no tour scheduled for today, so all we could was walk around the outside of the stadium.

Estádio do Dragão.

Estádio do Dragão

Me at FC Porto.

FC Porto

Oh yes, the bridges…

Ponte do Infante.

Ponte do Infante

Ponte de D. Maria Pia and Ponte de São João.


Ponte de São João.

Ponte de São João

What a view back on Ponte do Infante of Ponte Dom Luís I!


Once we were done with the bridge tour, before heading back to the hotel, we stopped by the famous Café Majestic, Porto’s best-known teashop is packed with prancing cherubs, opulently gilded woodwork, leather seats and gold-braided waiters who’ll serve you an elegant set breakfast, afternoon tea or any number of snacks and beverages (description courtesy of Lonely Planet). Of course we could not actually afford to eat or drink anything there, so just grabbed a picture.

Café Majestic.

Cafe Majestic

Link to today’s full gallery of pictures available here.


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