jn82’s Epic Adventure

Day 20 [18 Feb 09] – Coimbra

Posted in Coimbra by jn82 on February 18, 2009

*Will be linking pictures directly from pBase from now onwards because WordPress reduces the quality of the pictures by too much. I only noticed this recently.*

Got up early this morning and headed to Porto Campanhã (main Porto train station) to catch the 7.45am Alfa Pendular 120 to Coimbra-b station. The Alfa Pendulars is currently Portugal’s fastest train one of its main routes is from Porto Campanhã to Lisbon Santa Apolónia.

Alfa Pendular 120 approaching Platform 8 at Porto Campanhã.

Carriage 2, Seat 21.

The train ride was a very quick one, just under an hour. Upon arrival at Coimbra-b, we hopped on to a regional train for the 2km trip to the city station, Coimbra-a. After getting to the station and navigating ouy way to the hotel (an amazing 50m from the station only), we dumped our bags and got on a public bus to the site of Conímbriga, an extremely well preserved Roman settlement which existed from around 2,000 B.C. to around 600 A.D. Only two busses leave the city each day at 9.05am and 9.35am, and leave Conímbriga at 1.00pm and 6.00pm. After a 40 minute bus ride, we arrived.

At the ruins.

More of the same bit of ruins.


Thousands of years old mosaic.

Ancient arch.

Interesting museum display and explanation.

We caught the 1.00pm bus back to the city, and started some power sightseeing. After checking into the hotel, our first stop was to Universaidade de Coimbra, the city university. The guide books seemed to make a big deal about this place, but we thought it was a pretty regular university, perhaps because we were used to studying in old buildings.

Universaidade de Coimbra.

After this, we went cathedral hunting, and managed to visit four different ones, going into two of them. This might not seem like a big number of cathedrals, but they were all in very close walking distance to each other, so there was a bit of overkill.

Sé Nova.

Mosteiro de Santa Cruz.

Massive pipe organ in Mosteiro de Santa Cruz.

Igreja de Santiago.

Largo da Sé Velha.

After the power sightseeing, we just walked around the rest of the old city for a bit before heading back to the hotel. On to Lisbon tomorrow.

Link to full gallery of today’s pictures here.


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