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Day 31 [1 Mar 09] – Barcelona

Posted in Barcelona by jn82 on March 1, 2009

We headed back to the Nou Camp this morning for the full F.C. Barcelona stadium and museum tour. Entry fee plus audio guide was pretty steep and came up to €19, but at least we got to see almost every part of the stadium which was pretty good.

“More than a club”.

From the nose bleed section.

2005/06 Champions League trophy.

After a good two and a half hours at one of Europe and the World’s biggest football clubs, we headed back into the city centre for lunch (of course I had paella again) and then to Barri Gothic, the gothic quarter of the city, to see the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia (also called La Seu). Another day, another cathedral. The cathedral was undergoing some major restoration on its exterior, so the pictures were not that great.

La Seu.

Inside La Seu.

After the cathedral, we took a walk along La Rambla and headed to Hard Rock Cafe, where I was hoping to buy one of the classic t-shirts. However after I found out that the price was €26 (S$52!), I decided not to buy it. Previously I had only paid around S$30 for the Tokyo and Edinburgh HRCs shirt, so S$50 was really overpriced.

Headed back to the hostel for a short break and then for dinner, where coincidentally we met two Singaporeans (who were on student exchange in Paris) that were in Barcelona for the weekend. Indeed the Singapore accent is recognisable globally.

On to Toulouse for a day of rest tomorrow!

Link to gallery of today’s pictures available here.


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