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Day 32 [2 Mar 09] – Barcelona to Toulouse

Posted in Toulouse by jn82 on March 2, 2009

Today, we travelled from Barcelona to Toulouse via Narbonne from 8.45am – 2.20pm. The first train from Barcelona to Narbonne was a older Talgo class train, unlike the higher speed and newer Renfe AVE and Alaris trains we had been on previously. The preferente (first) class carriage looked very old, but the seats were very big and there was more than enough leg room, which was more important. The main difference between first and second class train cabins is the layout, where second class is usually 4 abreast in a 2 X 2 configuration, while first class is 3 abreast in a 2 X 1 configuration.

Talgo 73.

Preferente carriage seating arrangement.

I used the time to plan the remainder of the trip (again), and set a deadline to go back to Singapore. Upon reaching Narbonne, the transfer to the French TGV train was simple as it was just on the next platform. The TGV 9804 from Narbonne to Toulouse was a high speed train, and the seats were new and very big.

TGV 9804 entering Narbonne station.

Seating arrangement in TGV 9804.

Pretty uneventful train ride, which is good. At Toulouse, I made reservations for all the upcoming train rides we will have in France, and ran into a real @#$%^ at the reservation counter. Due to some loss in translation and carelessness on her part (I am very sure), she issued reservations for four people instead of two for all our train trips, and made so much noise and gave such a black face when I told her we only wanted reservations for two (as our train pass clearly indicated), as she had to cancel and do very minor administrative stuff for the cancelled reservations. Definately not a good way to start the French leg of the trip.

Our accomodation here is a small oldish hotel which is only 100m from the train station. Initially we thought this was a very good thing, however the street itself is actually pretty dodgy and it is not advised to stay out after midnight as there are drug dealers and prostitutes around the area.

No sightseeing today as we are trying to rest a bit, and probably minimal sightseeing tomorrow as well with a token walk around the city.

Today’s train pictures can be accessed here.

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