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Day 34 [4 Mar 09] – Toulouse

Posted in Toulouse by jn82 on March 4, 2009

Another pretty relaxing day today in Toulouse, with only one activity for today, the much anticipated visit to the Airbus assembly factory for the A380, Jean-Luc Lagardère. The tour itself was very reasonable priced at only 11€ (concession price), however the return trip to and from Jean-Luc Lagardère via a bus to the airport and then a taxi ride and then back cost 19€!!

Visitor centre entrance.

Inside the visitor centre.

The tour started with a very short introduction to Airbus as well as some video clips of the maiden A380 flight in a recreation of an actual Airbus telemetry room. After this, we were brought to the A380 assembly area, a massive hanger inside which held two A380s currently undergoing assembly, one to Emirates and the other to Air France. It was really amazing to see these two giant birds in such a setting. Both were already more or less assembled, but the Air France bird had not had its engines put on yet while the Emirates one did. Outside the indoor assembly area, there were two assembled Qantas A380s which were undergoing two weeks worth of testing after asseumbly, before being sent to Hamburg for fixture fitting and painting.

Two new Qantas A380s.

It was a real pity photographs were not allowed to be taken in the Airbus compounds, as the assembly area looked amazing. These were the only pictures for today!

Back to the hotel for an early dinner and somemore cheap French wine, and then off to Bordeaux tomorrow morning.

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