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Day 44 [14 Mar 09] – Nice

Posted in Nice by jn82 on March 15, 2009

Woke up pretty late this morning, and did not feel like getting out of bed at all. Feet were kind of painful, and joints a bit achy also, from two intense days of sightseeing in Paris. We intended to hit the flower market around the old city around 9am, but only reached the area around 11am. Pretty interesting place, reminded me of Vic mart, only that they sold a lot more flowers, in addition to some cooked food, fresh fruit and vegetables. In the area around the flower market was also other smaller stalls selling the usual stuff they sell at markets, i.e. stuff that does not interest me.

Flower market.

That is a lot of potatoes.

Sun dried tomatoes.

After walking around the market for around an hour, we hung out on one of the world famous Nice beaches for a while and soaked in the surroundings. Indeed this place would be crawling with bikini clad babes during the summer, but no such luck today.

Weird dude with stones on his body.

Not dressed for the beach.

We next hopped on a tourist train ride around the old city because we were feeling pretty lazy to cover the place by foot. The “train” ride was pretty good because it brings you all the way up to the chateau hill park where you can get a good view of the whole of Nice.

Nice, from the top of Parc du château.

The next stop was lunch, where we had a mussel buffet for 13.90€! I think it was pretty cheap, given I had around five bowls of mussels, with an estimated 25 mussels per bowl. Was very nice, but after a certain point you have to stop because you just get sick of eating mussels.

Buffet king prepares for action.

The first of five bowls.

The final stop of the day was a 30 minute bus ride from Nice, to the small town of Eze. Now there is not that much to do in Eze, except to visit a mideveil village which was built on a hill on Eze. Now this might not seem to be anything much, but given Eze itself is already pretty high in the hills, this makes the view from the top of the village to me really something else.

Eze, from the top of Eze Village.

Pretty good day today, taking in the sights that the famous Cote d’Azur has to offer. Off to Monaco tomorrow!

Today’s pictures here.

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