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Day 45 [15 Mar 09] – Nice

Posted in Nice by jn82 on March 15, 2009

On the last day in France, we took a day trip to the principality of Monaco. Monaco is probably most famous for Princess Grace Kelly, the royal family, Le Casino de Monte Carlo, the Grand Prix and the tons of celebrities and rich people that live there. The train ride from Nice Ville to Monaco was on an Intalian Trenitalia Euro Intercity train (the same one we are taking to Ventimiglia tomorrow), and took only ten minutes as it bypassed the stops in-between Nice and Monaco.

Upon arrival in Monaco, we headed to Monaco Ville, the district in Monaco where the royal palace was. Upon reaching the coast, the one thing which dominates Monaco’s waterfront is the sheer number of yachts docked there. There is such an insane amount of wealth which is pretty mind boggling.

Port Herculue.

Making our way up the hill to the royal palace, we managed to catch pretty amazing views of the principality along the way.

Panoramic Monaco.

Warnings for Aussies.

We did not actually go into the royal palace as the guide books said it was not very spectacular, but were fortunate to be there just as the changing of the guard was about to start. It was not very interesting at all though.

Token changing of the guard pictures.

We next went on a tourist train ride that went around Monaco, similar to the one we did for Nice’s old city. It was also not that wonderful, as we later managed to cover most of the same route by foot. After a quick and cheap lunch (2.50€ hot dog in Monaco, what a steal!), we walked down the hill and headed to Monte Carlo!

More signs of wealths on the way down.

On the way to Monte Carlo, we would walk past the majority of the Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit, and it was really cool to be able to actually walk on and see the various parts of the circuit which I had seen on the TV for the part 10+ years. The same cannot be said for walking on the Singapore F1 street circuit though I think.

Turn 1: Up Siante Devote.

Turn 4: Around Casino de Monte Carlo.

Turn 6: The Grand Hotel Hairpin, slowest corner in all of F1.

More of Turn 6.

Entrance of Turn 9: The tunnel.

Inside Turn 9.

Wow, amazing! Okay, you might not appreciate this if you are not a F1 fan. If you have noticed closely, most of the pictures have very expensive cars in them, which brings me to the second great attraction of Monaco (to me) besides the F1 circuit, the rare and expensive cars! There are the rarest and most expensive cars in the principality, and in the short time we were here we saw most of the current line up of Ferraris and Bentleys, a Ford GT 40, a couple of Mercedes AMGs etc etc. Check out the gallery link for all the pictures I managed to get.

What an amazing day in Monaco!

On the way back to Nice, we stopped at Villefranche, which was a small fishing village/port. The hotel guy recommended it as a place we could check out, but it seemed pretty quite and borning so we spent only an hour or so there.

Villefranche sur Saône.

Poor dude with his overturned little dingy, haha!

This marks the end of two weeks in France, which have been an excellent experience. France is an amazing country with so much to see and do, and most of the people are pretty nice, contrary to what many people will tell you. Off to Milan, fashion capital of the world, tomorrow. Au revoir.

Link to all of today’s pictures here.


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  1. gel said, on March 16, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    the southern part of france is nicer, less fast paced! have fun traveling!

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