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Day 47 [17 Mar 09] – Milan

Posted in Milan by jn82 on March 17, 2009

Did not actually spend the day in Milan today, but instead took a day trip to Lake Como. The journey to Como was one hour each way by train, in pretty shabby regional trains which stop frequently, unlike the faster inter-city ones we usually are on.

Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy, and one of the deepest lakes in Europe at over 400m deep. It it well known for its lakeside villas, where many rich people have their holiday homes, George Clooney famously being one of them. We decided not to take the longer and more expensive option (~28€) of taking a hydrofoil all the way up the lake from Como to Colico and back, instead opting for a cheap 6€ round trip ticket around the western bottom part of the lake from Como to Moltrasio and back, giving us more time to stop in-between and explore Cernobbio and Torno.

View of lake Como from in-between Tavernola and Cernobbio.

Lake side villas.

Some more villas in-between Cernobbio and Torno.

View from Torno.

Token Lake Como lake side villa, Villa Comalcione in Torno.

After walking around Torno and getting some very good pictures of the lake, we decided to have lunch at this hotel which was situated along the lake. Choosing a seat in the open air section meant we had a lake side view during lunch, how great is that! The only thing which spoilt the whole view a bit was a dead duck in the water below us, as it was floawing upside down with what appeared to be a stomach sliced open by a boat’s propeller. Ouch.

Excellent view along the river during lunch, sans dead duck!

After the boat ride back to Como after lunch, we headed for the funicular up Brunate, a hill in Como which offered a panoramic view of the city. The view itself was not so great today because the sky was very hazy, but on a good clear day it could be very good.

Poor hazy view from the top of Brunate.


Caught the 5.24pm train back to Milan after we were done at Como. All in all a pretty nice day, getting to see the famous Lake Como district with its colourful villas and nice views.

Today’s pictures here.

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