jn82’s Epic Adventure

Day 48 [18 Mar 09] – Rome

Posted in Rome by jn82 on March 19, 2009

Took a three hour and thirty minute Eurostar Italia AV train from Milano Centrale to Roma Termini this morning. The reservation fee of 20€ was the most we have paid so far, but this fast train did save us just under three hours of travel time, and we did want to try out Italy’s fastest train.

Eutostar Italia AV from Milan to Rome.

Inside the first class carriage.

Upon reaching Rome, we dumped our bags at the hostel and headed out to see the city sights. The first stop was to Basilica di San Pietro in Vincoli, which was near the hostel and on the way to the Colosseum. This basilica is best known to be home to Michelangelo’s statue of Moses, as well as housing the relic of the chains which bound Saint Peter when he was imprisoned in Jerusalem.

Michangelo’s Moses.

Saint Peter’s chains.

Interior of the basilica.

The next stop was to somewhere I did not manage to go into when I was in Rome ten years ago with my family, the famous colosseum. If memory serves me right, the colosseum was closed for restoration then. It is quite something to see such an ancient site standing out in the middle of a modern city, but it is also a huge tourist trap as there are probably thousands of tourists on the outside and inside at any one time during the day. Inside the colosseum, an amazing sight awaits. Though what only remains nowadays is a mere shell of what once stood, it is easy to imagine the happenings back in the day when thousands of exotic animals were brought in from around the Roman empire for simulated “hunts” with gladiators. Many more pictures of the remains of the colosseum are in the picture gallery.

View from the east.

View from the south.

On the outside.

After grabbing a quick and overpriced pizza lunch from a mobile vendor outside, we headed to Pelatine Hill to walk amoung the ruins of the Roman and Imperial forums.


We walked around the ruins for a significant part of the afternoon, and headed back to the hostel for a quick rest and check in before heading for dinner. Dinner was Italian, pizza Napoli (cheese and anchovies, yum!) and spaghetti pesto for 12€ and 50cl of house wine for another 5€, cheap and good, by European standards. Very tiring day as we had woken up around 5.45am to catch the train from Milan, and I went to bed early without finishing editing my pictures or updating the blog!

“Today’s” pictures here.


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