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Day 52 [22 Mar 09] – Naples

Posted in Naples by jn82 on March 22, 2009

Another day visiting ruins, this time in the ancient city of Pompeii. In 79 AD, the same Mt. Vesuvius volcanic eruption which buried Herculano also buried and perfectly preserved Pompeii. Pompeii is roughly four times the size of Herculano, so it was impossible to finish visiting the site in one day. We had a pretty easy morning in the hostel, and only got to the ruins at Pompeii around 12.30pm.

Not much to comment here, just that many of the buildings in the area open to the public are very well preserved. Pretty easy to see signs of very advanced town planning as the buildings were in a grid like arrangement.

Below is a random selection of pictures from today’s gallery.

Temple of Venus.

Rich guy’s house.

Temple of Jupiter with Vesuvius in the background.

Perhaps one of the more interesting exhibits here were the plaster cast moulds (which were poured on the skeletons) of the Pompeii residents (during excavation) as they were killed in the volcanic eruption. You can see their painful facial expressions very clearly, as well as the position of their bodies when they died.

Help me!


Men, women and kids.

Another interesting area was the almost perfectly intact amphitheatre, where gladiators used to fight each other and wild animals for the crowd’s entertainment.


Headed back to the exit around 4.45pm, having only seen around a quarter of the site. After a while we did get a bit bored of all the ruins as everything looked pretty similar, and we were just tired of walking around. Other than that, it was a pretty interesting place to go to and have a look at.

The streets of Pompeii close to sunset.

Today’s pictures available here.

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