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Day 64 [3 Apr 09] – Innsbruck

Posted in Innsbruck by jn82 on April 4, 2009

After hitting the snooze button on my alarm at 7.45am, I somehow went back to bed and woke up at 9.25am, five minutes before the free breakfast was scheduled to be over. We rushed down to see if we could still get anything to eat, and thankfully the old waiter said that breakfast was still being served. The breakfast was one of the best so far, and apart from the usual cereal, bread and meats, there was also fruit salad, yoghet cups and freshly brewed coffee. This is of course nothing compared to your usual five star hotel spread, but for out hostel/cheap hotel lifestyle, it was very good. They eventually only started clearing out the breakfast selection around 9.45am, and did not rush or chase us out. Looking forward to waking up early tomorrow and having breakfast unrushed.

The first place we went to today was the Alpenzoo (Alpine Zoo), Europe’s highest elevation zoo, housing animals native to the Alps and the Alpine region. It was around a 20 minute walk uphill from the hotel, which was pretty okay considering that the sun was shining very strongly making the weather was very warm. I think it could have easily been over 20 degrees.

European wolf.

Tauernschecke acting cute.

Best friends cow and duck.

Cheeky Alpine Ibex.

Docile Chamois.

Lazy Brown Bear.

There was also a pretty decent view of the city from the top of the zoo, however there were also many trees which obstructed the view. The best view I could get from the elevated position of the zoo was from the lowest point, the front entrance.

View of the city from the entrance of Alpenzoo.

After a cheap kebab sandwich lunch nearby, we headed to Kaiserliche Hofburg (Imperial Court Palace), which was right beside the Hofkirche we visited yesterday. The palace is supposedly to Innsbruck what Versailles is to Paris, but on a much smaller scale. In fact most of the smaller rooms were closed for restoration/construction, and the only palace like room open was the great hall, lavishly decorated in rococo style with elaborate stucco designs and a painted ceiling. On the walls of the freat hall are paintaings of Maria Theresa and her 16 children. No photography was allowed inside.

Exterior of Kaiserliche Hofburg.

The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around the old city and taking pictures of the city landmarks we saw on the postcards, all of which we have no idea of the history behind. It was afterall such a nice day for a walk and taking pictures.



Maria-Theresien-Strasse, the main shopping street in Innsbruck.



The very famous Goldenes Dachl.

The river Inn with the Alps in the background.

For dinner, we headed this time to a place in the old city recommended by Lonely Planet, Gasthaus Goldenes Dachl, just opposite the actual Goldenes Dachl. I decided to have something Austrian again, and this time opted for Fohlengulasch for 12.9 Euros, which is Foal goulash with baccon. I found the goulash to be average at best, and hope that the Austrian food I intend to have in Salzburg and Vienna will be better than this.

A very average Fohlengulasch.

We are off to Munich tomorrow as it is almost inbetween Innsbruck and Salzburg, making it more efficient to visit first.

Today’s pictures here.

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