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Day 66 [5 Apr 09] – Munich

Posted in Munich by jn82 on April 5, 2009

Got up this morning to an even better breakfast spread than I had in Innsbruck. For the first time this trip I had scrambed eggs! There was also sparkling wine, which I have no idea how or why is served with breakfast. Anyway after breakfast, we headed into the old city for another New Europe free walking tour. The walking tour covered most of the more well known sights in the old city, all of which I had not read about in the guide books.

The Glockenspiel.

The top of Mary’s Column, pure gold plating.

Church of St. Peter.


Munich’s largest beer garden, the world famous Hofbrauhaus.

It was a pretty interesting walk, but however I am quite tired now so I will not go into details. After a short lunch, we headed to the BMW museum.

BMW Museum.

The first BMW produced automobile, the BMW 3/15 PS.

The 2005 BMW Sauber F1 car.

The 1956 BMW 507, said to be one of the most beautiful coupes in the world.

We found the museum to be a pretty boring experience, but also probably because we were a bit tired from the walking tour. Had dinner nearby at the same beer garden as last night.

Weiner Schnitzel with a kartoffelknodel.


Sorry for the very short post today, as I am currently very tired.

Today’s pictures here.

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