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Day 71 [10 Apr 09] – Ljubljana

Posted in Ljubljana by jn82 on April 10, 2009

After another late morning start, we headed off to the Etnografski Muzej (Slovene Ethnographic Museum), a museum about the people of Slovenia and their cultural background. There were three exhibits running in the museum at the moment, of which we visited the ones about the culture of wine in Slovenia and “Between Nature and Culture” about Slovene and non-European heritage. There was basic information in English about the exhibitions on the pamphlets provided, however all the descriptions on the exhibits themselves were only in the Slovene language.

Etnografski Muzej.

Anew the vines have fruited: the Culture of Wine in Slovenia.

Wine growing regions in Slovenia.

Wise quote.

Apart from the quote above, there were a few others, some which made sense, and some which were probably lost in translation:

1. Brez vina ne bi bilo *na svetu* na predpusta, ne praznikov, ne godov, ne svatbe, ne žegnaja, skratka nobene veselice: Without wine there would be no build up to Shorve, no holidays, no name-days, no weddings, no christenings, in short, no celebrations.

2. Pri vinu kupuj, pri vodi prodajaj: Drink wine when you are buying, water when you are selling.

3. Najboljše vino se pije tam, kjer ne raste: The best wine is drunk when the vine does not grow.

4. Vino ceste meri, pa se nikoli ne zameri: Wine follows the way the road bends, but never offends.

5. Riba brez vode ne more živet, jaz pa brez vinca ne morem strpet: A fish without water will die for sure, while I without wine cannot endure.

As you can see, the Slovenian people really do love their wine. The next exhibit “Between Nature and Culture” was pretty boring (perhaps because we were getting a bit tired from walking around the museum). It covered items and the lifestyle of the Slovenian people across time, as well as the background to different cultures and people in the world.

Interesting enthocentric quote.

After the museum, we headed just next door, which was Metelkova Mestro, an area of alternative culture which has art galleries, bars, art studios, space for designers and live music. The guy at the hostel told us that the graffiti we would see on the walls in the area were allowed by law.

Metelkova Mesteo.

Next was lunch, and then off to Tivoli park, the largest park in the city. Spring arrived in Slovenia recently, and it was a pretty warm and sunny day today. The flowers were in bloom and there was greenery everywhere. We took a two hour hike past the park along a gravel path up and around Mostec, a popular area that the locals relax in a green and peacrful enviroment.

Tivoli Park.

View from the top of  Mostec.

Opposite the park at Pravoslavna cerkev (church).

After the park and a quick rest at the hostel, we walked nearby to Trubarjeva cetsa for dinner at Red ‘N Hot Horse, a kebab shop which sells… horse meat burgers for 3.50€.  I will not bother with a picture as it looks like a pretty regular burger. Taste wise, it is not too bad and while you can tell it is not beef, I am not exactly sure how to describe it. Horse meat is meant to be sweet, tender, low in fat and high in protein, so I guess it must be a good meat!

Today’s pictures here.


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