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Day 77 [16 Apr 09] – Zagreb

Posted in Zagreb by jn82 on April 16, 2009

This morning, we did the second walking tour of the city as outlined by the tourist information booklet. The “lower town” route appeared on the map to be much longer than yesterday’s route, but the estimated walking time was shorter, probably because today’s route was all on flat ground. We started at Marshal Tito Square where the Croatian National Theatre and is, and headed South towards Roosevelt Square where the MIMARA Museum is.

Croatian National Theatre.

Rectorate and the Law Faculty of Zagreb University.

MIMIRA Museum.

Further along to Mažuranić Square is the Etnographic Museum.

Ethographic Museum.

From Mažuranić Square to M.Marulić Square, named after the Renaissance poet from Split, Marko Marulić, who, in 1501, wrote “Judita”, the first epic Croatian language.

Marulić Square.

Statue of Marko Marulić.

The next stop was the Botanic Gardens, which I guess is pretty nice for a garden right smack beside a busy road and the train tracks.

Botanic Gardens.

We were getting slighly tired at this point because it was really hot, so we just continued along the path of the walking route but could not be bothered to read about the buildings. This route was by far the more boring of the two, as during yesterday’s route we saw many different things like churches, markets, small streets and big buildings, but today, it was just big building after big building on main roads.

Zrinjevac Park.

Croatian Academy of Arts and Science.

We ended up at the main square at the end of the walk, after which we went for a cheap lunch at the same place as yesterday. Zagreb is really a beautiful city with so much to see, and it is a bit of a pity we are a bit tired of sightseeing if not we would have really tried to explore all the sights a bit more. Croatia is a good choice for a tourist destination as besides Zagreb, other coastal cities like Split and Dubrovnik are supposedly even more beautiful and good to sight see and chill out, but it is too bad these two other cities are a bit out of the way during this rail journey of ours.

Off to Budapest tomorrow morning on a six hour train ride!

Today’s pictures here.

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