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Day 78 [17 Apr 09] – Budapest

Posted in Budapest by jn82 on April 17, 2009

Not much went on today, as we were on the train from Zagreb to Budapest from 10.16am – 5.06pm. It was originally scheduled to depart at 9.56am and arrive at 4.09pm, but goodness knows why it only arrived almost an hour later at 5.06pm after being delayed initially and only leaving at 10.16am. If this was Japan, the train driver would have been shot.

As we got in pretty late, after checking in to the hostel we went for dinner nearby at this place called Menza, recommended by the guy at the hostel. It is a really nice yuppie kind of place, playing nice chill out music, and the crowd looks pretty fashionable and ready to start partying the weekend away. The price of my meal which included a 500ml local draft beer, soup, side dish and main course was only around 3,500 forint (S$23), extremely cheap by European standards.

Fokhagymaleves, tejfölös – sajtos lángossal: Garlic cream soup served with traditional Hungarian fried bread.

Borjúpaprikás tojásos galuskával: Hungarian veal stew served with home made noodles.

From the looks of prices of food, drinks and stuff in the supermarket, it seems that Budapest is a relatively cheaper city compared to the other cities we have visited in Europe so far. Tomorrow, we start exploring the city!

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