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Day 82 [21 Apr 09] – Vienna

Posted in Vienna by jn82 on April 23, 2009

Another day of waking up late (this is really becoming a very bad habit), so we had an early lunch and headed to the Hofburg Imperial Palace to see the imperial apartments and the Sisi museum.  Before that, we took a quick stop at St. Stephen’s cathedral to see the landmark cathedral of Vienna.

Exterior of St. Stephens.

Interior of St. Stephens.

Shortly after, we headed to the Hofburg Imperial Palace, home of the once mighty Habsburg dynasty for six centuries until the early 20th century. We would only be visiting the imperial silver collection, the state apartments and the Sisi museum (explenation later). Unfortunately photography is only allowed for the silver collection.

We spent about an hour looking at the thousands of different plates, cups, teapots, trays, spoons etc etc which were used by the Austrian monarchy and for current day state functions. It was not just silverware, but also gold and many types of porcelain. I was pretty bored by the end of it, but overall it was relatively interesting as there were some objects which you would never imagine would be used or even displayed here.

Imperial bathing devices.

Duck squeezers, to “squeeze the juice from the bones of a duck”.

Table setting for heads of state visits.

The next stop in the palace was to the Sisi museum, dedicated to explaining the life of Empress Elizabeth, more affectionately known as Sisi. She was considered to be one of the most beautiful women of her time, and married Emperor Franz Joseph I (her first cousin) when she was only 17. Over the years, she felt very restricted by court life and was constantly depressed and longing to be free of it. She was eventualy assasinated in Geneva when she was aged 60.

After this, it was on to the state apartments where we got to see the reconstruction of the rooms used in everyday life by the Austrian royal family, namely Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth. These looked like your usual palace rooms, nothing special here.

Hofburg Imperial Palace.

We just walked around the city for a bit after the palace, then headed back to the hostel and had dinner. Going to be a pretty long day tomorrow, so hopefully I can wake up early.

Today’s photos here.


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