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Day 84 [23 Apr 09] – Vienna to Prague

Posted in Prague by jn82 on April 23, 2009

Half the day was spent (9.58am – 2.39pm) on the train from Vienna to Prague. Another uneventful train ride, unlike the train I read about (in the free copy of the FT given by the Austrian train crew) in eastern India that was hijacked by Maorist rebels. We opted to sit in a Czech Railways first class carriage (as opposed to an older Deutsche Bahn one), which was a very high standard unlike some of the other Eastern European trains we had been on.  For most of the train ride we passed small towns and lush green fields, many filled with bright yellow flowers. The scenery was not as beautiful as the alps in Switzerland or Western Austria, but it was still very relaxing just to look out of the window and take in all nature has to offer.

Euro-city 172 from Vienna to Prague.

Interior of carriage.

Welcome to Prague! (First welcome sign I have seen all trip long)

After making our ticket reservations for the 16 hour sleeper train journey to Amsterdam in four days time, we headed to the hostel to check in and rest, no sightseeing today.

Dinner was at an authentic Czech beer house called U Fleků recommended by the hostel, which we later found out was also in almost every single Prague guide book as well as the place was packed with only tourists. The menu selection is very similar to what you would get in Munich: A lot of pork, sausage and saurkraut. We had some of the house brewed dark beer, which tasted like a stout mixed with a beer, as well as some Becherovka, which is a herbal liquor traditionally made out of several secret plants. It is said to be good for digestion and to have medicinal properties.

U Fleků potato soup.

Flek’s treat: 50g roasted duck, 100g roasted pork, 50g sausage, white and red cabbage, bread dumplings and potato dumpligs.

The beer house scene.

Hopefully will get out of bed early tomorrow and get some signtseeing done.

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