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Day 87 [26 Apr 09] – Prague

Posted in Prague by jn82 on April 26, 2009

This morning, we headed to the old city centre to join a free walking tour of the left bank’s old city and Jewish quarter. The old town in Prague is really is a very nice, with many old buildings with different architecture styles and colours. My only gripe is that there are way too many tourists here, and it is not even peak season yet. I cannot really remember the buildings and the history behind them right now because I did not listen closely to what the guide was saying, as it got pretty boring after a few minutes where we would just walk from place to place and she would spit our hard facts about each site.

Old town square.

Astronomical clock.

St. Nicolas Church.

Tyn Church.

After the old town square, we continued walking around the streets of the old town, and saw a few churches and other buildings along the way.

Inside Church of St. James.

Tower that was once part of the old city wall.

The Museum of Communism! (entry fee is a very capitalistic 180 Kč)

Wenceslas Square.

Riding the belly of the horse.

The final area of the walking tour was to the Jewish quarter. We were told that less than 1% of the current Czech population are made up of the Jews, and this is due to the happenings of World War II and the mass exodus of Jews prior to that to the USA, Britain and Australia


Statue of famous Czech-Jewish author Franz Kafka in a dream he had.

Headed for lunch after the tour, and then back to the hostel for a three hour rest as I am writing this now. Heading off on a 16 hour overnight train to Amsterdam in about two hours time.

Today’s pictures here.

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