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Day 90 [29 Apr 09] – Amsterdam

Posted in Amsterdam by jn82 on April 30, 2009

Spent the morning resting in the hostel, trying to find a solution for my netbook’s USB ports, but to no avail. At around noon we decided to walk across the street from the red light district where we were staying into the shopping area. Lots of shops here selling your usual clothing, sports equipment, food, souvenirs and marijiana. I think this part of the city is really a very touristy one as there are many souvenier shops here. Nothing realy interesting here, so we headed for lunch at the same 10€ place as we went to on the first day. For 10€, you get a drink, soup and a main course, which is quite reasonable for a Western European capital city.

After lunch, we decided to do a one hour river cruise, since it is one of the must do things in Amsterdam that most tourists have on their lists. After buying the tickets, we still had to wait around 30 minutes for the two tour groups in front to get onto the next two boats before we got on the third one.

Canal cruise boat.

No optical illusion or photoshop here.

I really these places with so many tourists as it does cause us to waste a lot of time, but this cruise operator was the cheapest one at only 8€ an hour, so might as well wait. We went through the city’s canals and saw many of the buildings which were not covered on the walking tour, which is good. Amsterdam is really a beautiful city because of the brick facade of all the buildings which gives them a very old world feel. Add to that the many bridges, canals and trees and that makes a very scenic city. I was surprised at the number of house boats on the canals, as almost at every bank along the canals there were houst boats (and offices). I am not sure if there is still a land shortage in Amsterdam which calls for people to live and work on the boats, or if they just do it because they are used to it and it is part of their culture.

Brick house boat.

More house boats.


Along one of the canals.

An hour later and we headed back to the hostel for a short rest and go online. After failing to fix my netbook once again, we grabbed our bags and headed off to the train station to catch our overnight to Copenhagen, out first stop in Scandinavia where we will spend around a fortnight.

Today’s pictures here.

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