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Day 97 [06 May 09] – Oslo to Bergen

Posted in Bergen by jn82 on May 6, 2009

Spent most of today on the seven hour direct train ride from Oslo to Bergen from 10.33am to 5.52pm. The ride was extremely scenic, passing green fields and mountains initially, then past mountain ranges that were totally covered with snow, and finally in the valleys beside streams of fast running water. I cannot emplasise enough how beautiful seeing nothing but snow for as far as the eye can see is. The entire snowing scene is so white that you cannot even make out where the mountain ranges end and the sky starts. Very extreme changes in scenery along this 400+km train ride indeed. I cannot get my pictures today, so will upload the pictures in a few days time.

The initial green…

Start of the snow.

Frozen lakes.

More snow…

Nothing but snow.

EX 601 from Oslo – Bergen.

Just after the train station at Flåm.

The hostel here costs around S$45 a night for a bed in a in a 20 bed dorm. This is the first time we are staying in such a large dorm, but thankfully only around a third of the beds are occupied. The cost is pretty expensive by normal standards, but cheap for Bergen I think. Our budget is around S$100 a night per person for Scandinavia, and if memory serves me right,even for that price limit I could not find any other hostels or hotels which had available rooms and was below that amount, hence this is how we ended up in this dorm.

Will try and spend as much time as possible out of the hostel during the next three days!

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