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Day 100 [09 May 09] – Bergen

Posted in Bergen by jn82 on May 9, 2009

Today marked the 100th day of the trip. In the morning, we decided to just laze around the hostel because we were pretty tired and the weather was quite bad outside. One of the guys working in the hostel mentioned that he saw me in yesterday’s newspaper, and handed me a copy of the paper. I had been interviewed two days ago when we were in Bryggen, but completely forgot about it. The interviewer just wanted me to rate the city, as well as what my opinion of the city was.

My three seconds in the 8th May ’09 issue of the Bregen local paper, Bergensavisen (ba).

I gave a rating of 5/6, but in hindsight would have given a 3/6 because of the poor weather we have experienced over the past four days. My comments loosely translated say “Bergen is a beautiful city with beautiful buildings. We  go around and take pictures, while enjoying ourselves”.

We headed out of the hostel to the fish market around 1pm. Here, there are many stalls set up selling fresh fish, smoked fish, crab, lobster, scampi and caviar. All the seafood is so fresh, and you can buy boiled scampi or smoked/raw salmon marinated with a variety of things such as congac. They all taste very good, as I found out as the shop keepers freely gave out some samples for tasting. Being in the centre of the city, I was sure this was a huge tourist trap, but the prices were actually reasonable by Norwegian standards.

Bergen fish market.

Scampi and crabs.

Fresh fish.

“Please have some smoked or raw salmon.”

Spoilt for choice: Caviar.

Once we were done at the fish market, we took a 15 minute walk along the harbour to the Akvariet (aquarium). The entry fee of 150kr (S$35) was quite expensive, but we did not really have much to do today so we just paid up and went in to have a look as we were already there. Outdoors, the penguins and sea lions entertained us.


Sea lion.

Indoors, you have all your usual aquarium fish, which is not very interesting, as well as a whole lot of really weird looking fish, some of which look as if they are genetic mutations or left out when evolution was going on. I only took pictures of the more interesting ones.

Walking fish.

Flat fish.


Scorpion fish.

Last but not least, deserving special mention, is the wolf fish. Who needs scary movies when you could watch about 10 of these guys swimming around??

Wolffish of the family Anarhichadidae.


Will be on the train from 8am – 10pm tomorrow, from Bergen to Stockholm, with a one hour transit in Oslo. Going to be a long trip, but train travel is very relaxing and enjoyable.

Today’s pictures here.


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  1. kelshling said, on May 10, 2009 at 8:02 am


    Wah kiasu famous already.. too bad not in Singapore hur. Your comment was so.. generic lar. Diplomatic sia. -_-

    and those fish are really, really, really UGLY!!

    When u coming back?

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