jn82’s Epic Adventure

Day 101 [10 May 09] – Bergen to Stockholm

Posted in Stockholm by jn82 on May 11, 2009

I was travelling from 7.58am till 10.07pm today, just over 14 hours in total! Got on the NSB express train from Bergen to Oslo from 7.58am till 2.45pm, and entertained myself watching many downloaded videos because the weather outside was rainy and they sky was all grey, so it did not look particularly impressive. There was a one hour transit in Oslo before getting on the Swedish intercity train to Stockholm, from 3.49pm – 10.07pm. As I had finished watching most of my videos and because there was no power point in the Swedish train, I basically stared into space for the last three hours of the train ride. We were in second class and did not get a window seat, plus visibility was low as the sun had set, so there was no view to be seen.

Reached the hostel around 10.30pm, and checked in. What a long and boring day.

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