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Day 104 [13 May 09] – Stockholm

Posted in Stockholm by jn82 on May 13, 2009

We headed to Stockholms Slott (Stockholm Palace) today, which is the official residence of the Swedish monarch. The palace is located on Stadsholmen, a small island in Gamla Stan, the old city. Although we initially wanted to take a tour around the state apartments and the other rooms in the palace, we ended up getting there a bit later than expected around 11.30am only. That was actually okay because the palace only opened up to visitors after 12, but we would have nt much time to walk around because we had to get on the ferry to Helsinki. Instead, we just hung around from 11.30am to 12.45pm to catch the change of guard ceremony which started at 12.

Horse handelers marching in.

Horse handelers at attention.

Here comes the band.

And the rest of the mounted guards.

Horse handelers taking away the horses.

New guard acting as lightning conductors.

Changing duty.

The “new” guard.

Riding through crap.

The ceremony was a pretty long but entertaining affair, with many parts of it not making sense to me.

After the change of guard, we headed into the city for lunch, and back to the hostel for a rest before heading to the ferry terminal. With the rail pass, we had a 50% discount off the regular price for a “C-2 class” cabin, which is on the lowest deck of the ship and has no windows. This may sound quite bad, but it was actually pretty good as we only paid 30€ each for a two-bed private room with attached toilet and shower. After getting on the ship and walking outside on the deck and around the interior tax free shopping area a bit, I just hung out in the cabin and watched some videos and had an early night. I was very tempted to try one of the many buffet options on the cruise ship, but at >35€ a meal, the scrooge in me settled for the bananas, digestive biscuits and chocolate bars I brought onboard.

Silja Serenade, our ride to Helsinki.

Today’s pictures here.


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