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Day 67 [6 Apr 09] – Munich

Posted in Munich by jn82 on April 6, 2009

After checking out of the hotel this morning, we headed over to Nymphenburg Palace, the summer residence for the then rulers of Bavaria. I suppose there are other places we could have visited having almost one more full day to spend in Munich, but we decided to take it easy and start the day late and just visit the palace.

Nymphenburg Palace.

Ceiling of the main hall.

The interior palace was much less grand and had fewer rooms than what we have previously seen in the other cities, but this was just a holiday destination and not a usual residence as the other palaces were. The most unusual room in Nymphenburg Palace was the Ludwig I’s Gallery of Beauties, room which contained 36 portraits of the 36 most beautiful women in Bavaria during the reign of Ludwig I. These women ranged from royals and court ladies to everyday women including the daughter of a cobbler.

Gallery of Beauties.

After the main palace complex, we headed to the museum which contained ancient horse carriages used for coronations, deaths and everyday use, as well as a museum which contained porcelain ware from the palace. Both were pretty boring, but again, this could be because we were very tired.

After the palace, we decided to head back to the old city for lunch at Hofbräuhaus, the largest beer house in Germany. The food there was much better than the beer house we had dinner at the past two nights, and there was a good atmosphere with the traditional Bavarian oom-pah music being played live.

My lunch and 1 litre of liquid gold.

Oom-pah band.

Took the train from Munich to Salzburg in the evening, and the hotel we are at here is a four star one. We managed to get a junior suite room for a steal at Asiarooms.com (50€ a night!), less than we paid for our Paris hostel.

Today’s pictures available here.


Day 66 [5 Apr 09] – Munich

Posted in Munich by jn82 on April 5, 2009

Got up this morning to an even better breakfast spread than I had in Innsbruck. For the first time this trip I had scrambed eggs! There was also sparkling wine, which I have no idea how or why is served with breakfast. Anyway after breakfast, we headed into the old city for another New Europe free walking tour. The walking tour covered most of the more well known sights in the old city, all of which I had not read about in the guide books.

The Glockenspiel.

The top of Mary’s Column, pure gold plating.

Church of St. Peter.


Munich’s largest beer garden, the world famous Hofbrauhaus.

It was a pretty interesting walk, but however I am quite tired now so I will not go into details. After a short lunch, we headed to the BMW museum.

BMW Museum.

The first BMW produced automobile, the BMW 3/15 PS.

The 2005 BMW Sauber F1 car.

The 1956 BMW 507, said to be one of the most beautiful coupes in the world.

We found the museum to be a pretty boring experience, but also probably because we were a bit tired from the walking tour. Had dinner nearby at the same beer garden as last night.

Weiner Schnitzel with a kartoffelknodel.


Sorry for the very short post today, as I am currently very tired.

Today’s pictures here.

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Day 65 [4 Apr 09] – Munich

Posted in Munich by jn82 on April 4, 2009

After a good night of rest, we woke up early and had our good breakfast at the hotel. The train from Innsbruck to Munich was from 10.36am – 12.24pm, and the first class carriage was very full, which worried us a bit because we did not hold seat reservations unlike the other passengers who had tickets with seat reservations. However it was okay in the end as we managed to find two seats which no one had reserved all the way through to Munich. By the time we got to the hotel and checked into the room, it was almost 2pm, which did not leave us much time for a lot of sightseeing as most of the sights closed around 5pm. After some quick planning, we decided to head to the site of the Dachau concentration camp this afternoon as it would be closed on Monday.

The Dachau concentratin camp was the first concentration camp built under the Hitler regime and served as the model for all subsequent concentration camps built. Some 200,000 prisoners from 34 countries, primarily political and religious dissidents, Jews, Gypsies and other “undesirables” passed through Dachau’s gates between 1933 and 1945, of whom an estimated 32,000 lost their lives from disease, starvation, torture, execution, slave labour and medical experiments. It now serves as a memorial to those who died under the Nazis. There was a 22 minute video shown which contained pretty graphic footage of the sheer amount of death and how the dead were treated, but by just walking around the museum exhibit you can get a very sobering idea of what went on in the camp.

Propaganda poster.

Murder, often reported as suicide.

The mark of the Jew in Dachau.


Main block.


Work Brings Freedom.

We spent a very rushed two hours at Dachau concentration camp and stayed till it closed after 5pm, as we had other places to visit over the following two days. It was a pretty interesting experience, and just puts what you know about what the nazis did in these camps in perspective.

Before heading back to the hotel, we had dinner at a beer garden nearby. Opting for the full Bavarian experience, I opted to have the local specialities.

Homemade Spatzle.

Weisswurst (Bavarian sausage).

Putenschnitzel natur (Turkey cutlet) with herb butter, rice and vegetables.

Today’s pictures here.